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4 Common Questions About Child Custody You Need to Know

Determining how decisions will be made for the children, how parenting time will be allocated between the parents, and how the children’s expenses will be paid are some common questions about child custody and also the greatest stressors for parents facing divorce. Ideally, parents will work together to come up with a plan to resolve…

Why Choose a Collaborative Divorce?

There’s no doubt that the pain of a divorce is hard; ending a relationship, breaking up a family, and building a new life are surely enough to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Traditional divorce practices can leave bitterness lingering for years, making the healing process drag out that much longer. Over the past…

Telling Your Family Stories

For many parents who live in conflict, divorce is not the worst thing that can happen to children. For many children in high-conflict households, divorce can bring relief if it ends the exposure to fighting. In fact, for parents who are able to get along post-divorce, children of divorced parents do very well growing up in two households….