A Business Owner Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

The common understanding of marriage has undergone some changes as society evolves and the very nature of the relationship between partners moves toward greater understanding and equality. From the earliest days when women were not considered much more than a form of property, the laws have created a system where at least in theory, marriage is a 50/50 proposition. However, if a couple ultimately divorces, splitting Read More

More Millennials and Women Want Prenups

While some people feel hesitant about bringing up or agreeing to a prenuptial agreement, more are discovering the benefits of these financial planning tools. One generation and one demographic are the reasons for an increase in prenups: Millennials and women in Texas and other states are wanting prenups. Millennials: According to an American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers survey, 62% of attorneys Read More

Prenuptial Agreements Can Address Certain Issues

Prenuptial agreements present Texas couples with an opportunity to understand each other's financial situation and make decisions about what should happen during a divorce. People who know that they will receive an inheritance often have an interest in separating these assets from the marital estate prior to exchanging vows. Potential income disparities between spouses resulting from one party's choice to forgo a Read More

What You Need to Know Before You Say “I Do” in Texas

When you are married and live in the State of Texas, there are rules that automatically apply to your marriage unless you enter into an formal agreement known as a premarital agreement (before marriage) or marital property agreement (after marriage).  Here is a list of common rules spouses are often "surprised" to learn apply to them:       1.     Spouses Have Read More

Moving In Together or Getting Married After College Graduation?

Congratulations!  You're graduating from college, and you've met the love of your life!  You may think now is a great time to move in together, or maybe even tie the knot.  Have you thought about the legal consequences of making such heartfelt decisions?  You should! Students graduating from college, especially those who go on to graduate school such as medical or law Read More

What to Know About Premarital Agreements

Premarital agreements, also commonly known as a "prenup" for short, aren't as exciting or heartwarming as wedding planning, but they can be just as important. Many people have an impression that a premarital agreement will encourage a future divorce, when actually having a well negotiated agreement in place can have the reverse effect and start a marriage with a common understanding. Making a Read More

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