Family Law Attorney Plano Texas

Family Law Attorney Plano Texas

At Hargrave Family Law, our Plano family lawyers specialize in family law. These lawyers can handle different legal problems involving family members. If you don't know whether you need a family law lawyer in Plano, TX, here are situations where you need one.


Putting an end to a marriage is a complex legal problem that takes several weeks, months or even years to resolve. The division of property, child support, and custody can lead to legal issues. Both the husband and wife have legal rights depending on the reasons for the divorce. Divorce cases are stressful and challenging and can lead to lawsuits that cost a lot of money and time.

Child Custody 

The fight for child custody takes place after a divorce. Both parents have the legal right to care for and protect their children, even when departing. However, divorce triggers child custody issues. You could also fight for state custody of your child. State custody can help you fight for your Child Welfare Service if you suspect that the child has been neglected, abused, or unable to get the right support. Family members can also try to take the departing couple child with them if a marriage breakdown due to a spouse's death.  

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial could potentially be deemed invalid without a family lawyer. In a divorce, hiring a family lawyer can help you review, create and validate your prenuptial agreement so that your assets can be divided fairly according to the terms of your agreement.

Create Estate Plan

While you need a real estate lawyer to build an estate plan, there are situations where you need a family attorney. For example, if you've got kids, you might want to choose a legal guardian for them before becoming adults and helping your draft estate plans and will. A family attorney will ensure your wills are followed to prevent any conflicts from arising. 

Child Adoption

Thousands of children are adopted every year. You need a family law attorney if you're also looking to adopt a child in Plano, TX. The adoption process has many steps and can take a few weeks because you must ensure you're doing everything according to relevant state and federal laws. You need a family law attorney like the Hargrave Family Law team to handle the adoption process and ensure its success.

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Working with a family law lawyer is one of the best decisions you will make in your life. At Hargrave Family Law, we provide family law services in Plano, TX. Our family law attorney Plano Texas can help you with divorce cases, estate planning, child adoptions, child custody, guardianships, and other problems related to family law.

We encourage you to contact our firm at 214-420-0100 for a free consultation if you need a family attorney in Plano, TX. During your consultation, our family law lawyers in Plano, TX, will listen to your situation and provide recommendations based on your interest.


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Family Law Attorney Plano Texas Family Law Attorney Plano Texas
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