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Safety Planning

In relationships where there is a history of blaming, name-calling and devaluing the other person, it is reasonable to expect that these households will increase in toxic emotions and destructive arguments during this time of social isolation. Children stuck in homes with this kind of toxicity will carry the brunt of damage caused by being witness to an emotionally (and sometimes physically) abusive home.

If you are in a toxic relationship, where arguments quickly devolve into blame, resentment, name calling, and devaluing the other person, this period of social isolation is going to be especially challenging. Abuse often happens as a result of increased anxiety, heightened fear, decreased self-esteem, and lack of emotional regulation. Loss of jobs and income, and stress from being isolated without outlets to relieve boredom, only add to the increased threat of abuse.

Historically, domestic violence increases in the midst of a national or global crisis.  If your relationship has ever been physically violent, where your partner has thrown objects, destroyed property, or hit you or a member of your household, you need to create a safety plan for your physical safety. Saving your or your children’s lives are just as important as staying healthy.

Survive to Thrive Webinars

We have designed a series of Webinars to provide practical advice and tools for managing family life in these unique and, oftentimes, difficult times. At Hargrave Family Law, we believe relevant information helps each of us make the best decisions possible during this time of uncertainty. Join Jennifer Hargrave as she interviews leaders in our North Texas Community, who provide excellent resources to ensure you not only survive this international crisis, but that you and your family thrive.

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Connecting With Your Child When You Only Have Two Precious Hours

So, you’re divorced, or about to be, and on Thursdays you only have two precious hours to spend with your child(ren). During these unique and stressful times we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, you may be struggling with how to make the most out of that limited time under our current “shelter-in-place” restrictions. Here are some ideas as to how to spend those valuable 120 minutes:

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