Stacie Lee-Mercer

Client Care Coordinator

Stacie Lee-Mercer began her legal career in 2010 working for the largest law firm in the state, the Office of The Attorney General Child Support Division, as a Child Support Officer. Stacie recognizes the overwhelming emotions related to family law and the compassion, empathy, understanding, and devotion it takes to help resolve matters. As a public servant she diligently served those needing assistance in establishing paternity; establishing child, medical and dental support; enforcing child and medical support orders; and modifications. She was and is committed to serving the children and families of Texas with respect, innovation, service, and excellence. Stacie chose to shift her career path from the public field to the private realm in order to create and sustain more of a personal involvement with those she serves.

Stacie feels blessed to have found a law firm with a strong commitment to their clients and such a supportive outlook. Hargrave Family Law helps during what is often the most devastating time in one’s life and passionately focuses on crafting solutions to avoid the nightmares that often come with conflict. “I firmly believe ‘Knowledge is Power’ and ‘Fear is the Unknown’. Through a positive approach involving education and alternative methods for resolutions, there is no doubt a great life can still exist after divorce, and that we can help our clients strive toward a new path with grace, hope, and above all else confidence.”

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