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Toi Angelle is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping others navigate life’s transitions. With a diverse background spanning over a decade in customer service, Toi brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Client Care Coordinator. 

Having previously served as an Executive Administrative Assistant at Hargrave Family Law, Toi has now honed her attention to compassionately focus on our client’s experience, ensuring they receive the support they need every step of the way. “I have an innate ability to connect with others and am able to walk with them through their entire journey.” 

Toi’s love for theater arts reflects her creative spirit and her appreciation for the power of storytelling. “Everyone has a story, I love witnessing the full-circle moments, epiphanies, and triumphant parts. Seeing clients come out on the other side, now optimistic and with a new sense of purpose, is really empowering for us both.” 

Outside of her professional endeavors, Toi finds joy in her roles as a spouse and parent. Her two children share a love for film, art, and music, her family life is filled with warmth and creativity. 

In both her professional career or her personal life, Toi embodies a spirit of gratitude and optimism. “I approach each day with a heartfelt desire to support and uplift others. I’m so grateful that my job allows me to do that for our clients in a way that makes their journey better. I believe in our mission here, and it makes every day a blessing.”