Four Ways to Juggle Your Commitments as a Newly Single Parent

Assuming a new role is never easy, whether it’s at work or at home. Transitioning into life as a single parent can be particularly difficult, because it’s usually paired with other big and emotional changes in your life. In today’s blog post, we are sharing our tips for juggling your commitments. Take time for yourself. Giving yourself a spare moment to relax may seem impossible or too indulgent when you’re Read More

Three Self Care Tips for Parents and Their Children in Difficult Times

These are stressful and confusing times for parents and children alike. While the beginning of a new school year is always a time of adjustment and adaptation, this year is presenting us all with new challenges we’ve never faced before. Whether your children are attending school face-to-face, attending online school, or being homeschooled, this August likely looks a bit different from Augusts past. In today’s blog Read More

Not Married? What Fathers and Mothers need to Know About Establishing Paternity

When a child is born to a married couple, the law presumes that the mother’s husband is the baby’s father and he does not have to take any action in order for his name to appear on the child’s birth certificate. For unwed fathers, though, things are a little different. If you are the father, but are not married to your child’s mother, you will need to take some action in order to legally establish your paternity.  Read More

Mother’s Day – Ugh! (I can’t be the only one who feels this way!)

If you love Mother’s Day and are showered with gifts and accolades, that’s wonderful!  Enjoy it!  Motherhood is absolutely something to be celebrated.  It is one of life’s greatest challenges and brings along many of life’s greatest joys.  But if I’m honest, I always approach Mother’s Day with just a little bit of dread.  Not because I dislike anything about being a mother – it is absolutely my greatest joy in life.  Read More

How to Handle Family Law Matters When Courts Are Closed: Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the light of recent court closures, the Hargrave Family Law team has received many questions about alternatives to keep cases moving forward. Many people do not realize that a large number of family law matters are generally resolved outside of the courtroom. As for the ones that are usually handled in court, we do have alternatives. In today’s blog post, we’re answering some of your most pressing questions about Read More

Connecting With Your Child When You Only Have Two Precious Hours

So, you’re divorced, or about to be, and on Thursdays you only have two precious hours to spend with your child(ren). During these unique and stressful times we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, you may be struggling with how to make the most out of that limited time under our current “shelter-in-place” restrictions. Here are some ideas as to how to spend those valuable 120 minutes:  Cook up some goodies Have fun Read More

I Will Survive: 7 Tips to Making the Most of Family Isolation During the Current Pandemic

Schools are closed.  Restaurants are closed.  Our workplaces have sent us home.  We are not even allowed to go to our places of worship.   We can use this time to our family’s advantage, filled with fond memories – or we can join the ranks of the complainers, and ensure it is a time we will want to forget.   Appreciate Differences Humans are hardwired to fall in love with the one person who sees the world from a Read More

What Texas Couples Need to Know About Legal Separation

Many common ideas about divorce come out of Hollywood and New York celebrity divorces, which have nothing to do with a Texas divorce.  For example, you may have heard of “legal separation” as an alternative to divorce or even a stepping stone to help you decide if divorce is the right next step. However, unlike most states, Texas law does not recognize a “legal separation.” Married couples who decide to informally Read More

Five Ways to Enforce a Child Support Agreement

Navigating post-divorce life can be challenging, and having a child or children involved can make the process even more stressful. Having sole custody of your children does not mean you have to go it alone, however; child support is usually ordered to be paid by the non-custodial parent. That monthly support is crucial to your child’s wellbeing. If the check stops arriving in the mail like it used to, though, what Read More

Your Next Chapter: How to Move on After a Divorce

Divorce is simultaneously heartbreaking and freeing. Ending a failed marriage can feel like a lucky escape, but it can also feel like being dropped into the middle of the wilderness without the tools you need to survive.  When all the papers are signed and it’s finally official, what’s next? At Hargrave Family Law, we’ve helped countless clients navigate the divorce process and emerge equipped to start the next part Read More