The Importance of Building Your Divorce Team

Here in the greater Dallas area, we are lucky to have plenty of professional sports teams to root for.  Whether you enjoy basketball, football, baseball, or hockey, Dallas has a team for you. Even if you aren’t an avid fan, it’s almost impossible to live in Dallas and not cheer on these teams from time to time. Sports are big business in Texas, but they are also a prevalent reminder of the importance of a diverse Read More

Getting Married? Download Our Pre-Marriage Checklist

Why should you take marriage advice from divorce lawyers?  We like to think it’s similar to taking advice about avoiding a heart attack from a cardiologist, or avoiding cancer from an oncologist.  We know why marriages end, and have some savvy advice for those willing to listen about how to AVOID DIVORCE and have your best marriage!  After all, marriage can be an amazing experience when you are both willing to work Read More

Addressing Your Finances in Divorce

In Texas family law, we could say “fair” is what happens at the state fairgrounds in October each year.  “Fair” is not a standard by which anything can be legally divided, because what each person thinks of as “fair” is completely subjective.  People often come into the divorce process thinking that what they want is “fair” – but most assuredly, the other person will have a completely different opinion, especially Read More

Time for Healing

2020 was certainly a year for the record books.   What our collective cultural consciousness slogged through last year cannot be understated.  A global pandemic, a historically bitter election year, cultural unrest, business restrictions, reduced access to places of worship, employment shifts or losses, school closures and virtual classrooms, and increased “fake news” and partisan social media bubbles. The list could Read More

Getting Through the Holidays When You Are Preparing for a Divorce

It's the Holiday season and the end to a year like no other.  While some people are working to salvage any semblance of normalcy using their cherished holiday traditions, some people are just trying to make it through this time of year knowing that a divorce and a profound family transition are on the horizon in the New Year. 2020 has been a revealing year.  Without the normal distractions that keep Read More

Being Thankful During Difficult Times

Leaves are transforming into an array of yellows and oranges and reds — or as the case may be in Texas, straight to a crunchy brown — and drift towards the ground. The sun goes to bed earlier. The days grow cooler. We are in the thick of fall, which means we are fast approaching a different season. Not winter: the holiday season, ushered in by Thanksgiving.  On that special Thursday, family and friends normally Read More

Four Ways to Juggle Your Commitments as a Newly Single Parent

Assuming a new role is never easy, whether it’s at work or at home. Transitioning into life as a single parent can be particularly difficult, because it’s usually paired with other big and emotional changes in your life. In today’s blog post, we are sharing our tips for juggling your commitments. Take time for yourself. Giving yourself a spare moment to relax may seem impossible or too indulgent when you’re Read More

Three Self Care Tips for Parents and Their Children in Difficult Times

These are stressful and confusing times for parents and children alike. While the beginning of a new school year is always a time of adjustment and adaptation, this year is presenting us all with new challenges we’ve never faced before. Whether your children are attending school face-to-face, attending online school, or being homeschooled, this August likely looks a bit different from Augusts past. In today’s blog Read More

Not Married? What Fathers and Mothers need to Know About Establishing Paternity

When a child is born to a married couple, the law presumes that the mother’s husband is the baby’s father and he does not have to take any action in order for his name to appear on the child’s birth certificate. For unwed fathers, though, things are a little different. If you are the father, but are not married to your child’s mother, you will need to take some action in order to legally establish your paternity.  Read More

Mother’s Day – Ugh! (I can’t be the only one who feels this way!)

If you love Mother’s Day and are showered with gifts and accolades, that’s wonderful!  Enjoy it!  Motherhood is absolutely something to be celebrated.  It is one of life’s greatest challenges and brings along many of life’s greatest joys.  But if I’m honest, I always approach Mother’s Day with just a little bit of dread.  Not because I dislike anything about being a mother – it is absolutely my greatest joy in life.  Read More

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