COVID-19 Resource Page

In an ever-changing and evolving situation, we want to keep you posted with information that is timely and relevant to empower you to help your family during this emergency situation.


Collin County Order Related to COVID-19 (3/24/20)

Denton County Disaster Declaration (3/24/2020)

Dallas County “Stay Home Stay Safe” Order (3/23/2020)

COVID-19 Dallas County Family Courts Joint Statement (03/23/2020)

Tarrant County COVID Standing Order (03/23/2020)

Texas Supreme Court Second Emergency Order Regarding COVID-19 State of Disaster (03/17/2020)

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Do you have a current Court Order in effect regarding your children?  Are you concerned about how social isolation may impact your relationship with your children, or the economic impact may mean for child support? 

Are you in a strained marital or cohabitating relationship, and feel like you need to get out of your relationship, but are afraid?  Are you concerned that social isolation may risk your physical or emotional security – for you and your children?

Schedule a COVID-19 related appointment with us, and you will have 30 minutes to review your questions and concerns with a lawyer at Hargrave Family Law.

COVID-19: Survive to Thrive Webinars

We have designed a series of Webinars to provide practical advice and tools for managing family life in the “new normal.”  At Hargrave Family Law, we believe relevant information helps each of us make the best decisions possible during this time of uncertainty.  Join Jennifer Hargrave as she interviews leaders in our North Texas Community, who provide excellent resources to ensure you not only survive this international crisis, but that you and your family thrive.

DATE OF EVENT: APRIL 2, 2020 – Webinar Begins at Noon

SPEAKER: Kim Griffith

TOPIC: Staying Calm in the Storm

Summary of Topic: Is everyone running on a short fuse in your home during this unique “shelter-in-place” period in our lives? Are you finding it hard to maintain the loving connection while your family is stuck in close quarters? Kim Griffith is a life coach who has developed a life-changing tool for calming the triggers, and creating connection, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Explore important tools for avoiding the triggers that cause conflict, power struggles and chaos. Learn how to maintain connection, creating an environment that fosters healthy communication, partnership and engagement.
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Past Webinars

Date of Event: MARCH 27, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Housson

Topic: Focus on Distance Education and Special Learning Needs

Summary of Topic: Parents accustomed to sending their children to school, are suddenly in the role of overseeing their children’s education through the use of distance education. For children with special learning needs, this can present a special challenge. Most parents are not educational specialists. These issues can be compounded when you have children going between two homes. On this webinar, we spoke with Dr. Matthew Housson, who is the owner and founder of the Housson Center. The Housson Center provides psychological and educational services for children of all ages.

Dr. Matthew Housson is a licensed psychologist who received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas in 1996. He worked for seven years at the University of Texas at Dallas, Callier Center, Department of Psychology, where he completed developmental assessments of preschoolers and Psychoeducational Evaluations of school-aged children. He has more than 20 years’ experience diagnosing autism, attention disorders, learning disabilities, and emotional/behavioral disorders.  In addition to evaluation, Dr. Housson works with families to identify appropriate educational environments for their children and also provides individual and family therapy to address behavioral and emotional concerns.

DATE OF EVENT: MARCH 31, 2020 – Webinar Begins at 1 PM


TOPIC: Relationship Survival – How to Cope in Close Quarters

Summary of Topic: Are you experiencing stress in your marriage?  Stress due to financials, children, and sexual tension?  Are you concerned about the impact this period of “lock down” is having on your relationship?  On this webinar, we will talk with Kim Bowen, LPC, who is the owner and founder of The Marriage Place, which is focused on helping marriages survive even the most difficult of times.

Kim Bowen is a licensed professional counselor who offers relationship therapy through her company The Marriage Place.  Her blogs and newsletters have been featured in various publications and she is the author of the book, The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook: A Couple’s Bible Study. She just relaunched her book, Marriage Rescue: Triage Toolkit. Her mission is to help couples build stronger, healthier and happier relationships.  She has been married to her husband, John, for more than 29 years.

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In relationships where there is a history of blaming, name-calling and devaluing the other person, it is reasonable to expect that these households will increase in toxic emotions and destructive arguments during this time of social isolation.  Children stuck in homes with this kind of toxicity will carry the brunt of damage caused by being witness to an emotionally (and sometimes physically) abusive home.  

If you are in a toxic relationship, where arguments quickly devolve into blame, resentment, name calling, and devaluing the other person, this period of social isolation is going to be especially challenging.  Abuse often happens as a result of increased anxiety, heightened fear, decreased self-esteem, and lack of emotional regulation. Loss of jobs and income, and stress from being isolated without outlets to relieve boredom, only add to the increased threat of abuse.

Historically, domestic violence increases in the midst of a national or global crisis.  If your relationship has ever been physically violent, where your partner has thrown objects, destroyed property, or hit you or a member of your household, you need to create a safety plan for your physical safety. Saving your or your children’s lives are just as important as staying healthy.

I Will Survive: 7 Tips to Making the Most of Family Isolation During the Current Pandemic

Schools are closed.  Restaurants are closed.  Our workplaces have sent us home.  We are not even allowed to go to our places of worship.   We can use this time to our family’s advantage, filled with fond memories – or we can join the ranks of the complainers, and ensure it is a time we will want to forget…


So, you’re divorced, or about to be, and on Thursdays you only have two precious hours to spend with your child(ren). During these unique and stressful times we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, you may be struggling with how to make the most out of that limited time under our current “shelter-in-place” restrictions. Here are some ideas as to how to spend those valuable 120 minutes: