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Cohabitation and Texas Common Law Marriage

Did you know that according to Texas Common Law Marriage laws you could inadvertently be married even if your intention is only to cohabitate.

The Covid-19 Vaccination and Custody

KRLD Radio asked divorce attorney Jennifer Hargrave to comment on why divorce rates increased during the pandemic.

Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce?

Jenifer Hargrave of Hargrave Family Law was a guest on CW33’s Morning After, hosted by Jenny Anchondo. The topic...

Divorce Rate by Profession

On his radio show, Jim Bohannon asked divorce attorney, Jennifer Hargrave what she thought about recent statistics of divorce rate by profession.

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Jennifer Hargrave talks with Gordon Deal about asset division

Jennifer Hargrave talks with Gordon Deal about asset division

After a turbulent 2022 and the new 2023 divorce season in swing, many couples are dealing with how best to separate their assets while they look to move on from their marriage. Jennifer Hargrave talked to Gordon Deal about what she’s been seeing with her firm’s clients.