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Taylor Henderson has always enjoyed researching, editing, and writing, but it was her enthusiasm for helping others that lead her to the legal field. She is now able to put those skills to good use helping clients navigate their family law matter.  Her passion for family law derives from the relationships she has been able to build with past and current clients, and seeing what a difference she can make in someone’s life. Her compassion for clients and the desire to do her best to provide comfort to them during their most difficult times is a driving force for her. 

Taylor received her Bachelor’s degree from George Washington University, majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication. Taylor began her legal career as a Legal Secretary at a personal injury firm in Florida and soon realized she wanted to contribute even more to the litigation process and be able to support clients in a deeper way. As a family law paralegal, Taylor has experience in handling divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and contested probate cases. She is very involved in client’s cases, and has attended and assisted attorneys at hearings, depositions, and mediations, which she says has greatly influenced her understanding of family law and allowed her to assist our clients in an even greater way. Being an active member of our team and seeing the transformation in our clients is very gratifying and is why Taylor loves her career.

Taylor is excited to continue to make her contribution in family law with the Hargrave Family Law team. “What I respect and admire most about Hargrave Family Law is their advocacy for collaborative measures and their diligent efforts to make the divorce process as efficient and smooth as possible for their clients. I’m so glad I can actively support the firm’s focus on the client and positive vision, which helps our clients start the next part of their life on solid ground.”