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Myths Around ‘Collaborative Divorce’ w/ Camille Milner

One of the great things about being a collaborative divorce attorney is getting to work with other fabulous divorce attorneys who are also committed to helping families find resolution in non-traditional, non-litigation ways. It is such a privilege to welcome Camille Milner. Camille is the owner of Camille Milner Law Firm which is located in Denton, and she practices in the Denton and surrounding counties. Camille was on the The Jennifer Hargrave Show to discuss Collaborative Divorce.

The Role of Experts in a Collaborative Divorce

When it comes to collaborative divorce, the role of experts stands as a crucial and often indispensable component. As couples navigate the emotionally charged and complex terrain of ending their marriage through cooperation rather than confrontation, experts bring specialized knowledge and guidance to facilitate the process. These professionals play a pivotal role in helping divorcing…