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Protecting What Matters Most with a Prenuptial Agreement

While discussing prenuptial agreements may not be the most romantic item on your wedding to-do list, it is one of the most important. Far from being a guarantee that your marriage will end in divorce, a prenuptial agreement clarifies exactly what financial expectations exist in the relationship, can provide for taking care of their partner in the future, and lay the groundwork for a peaceful resolution should a split occur.

A prenuptial agreement answers a lot of questions that engaged couples may not think about discussing prior to marriage. A well-drafted prenuptial agreement explains:

  • Individual assets brought into the marriage by each partner, including family business interests
  • Each partner’s right to receive, or obligation to provide, spousal support if the marriage ends
  • Who maintains rights to buy or sell the marital home
  • Inheritance rights if one spouse passes away (involving the surviving spouse or children from a prior relationship)
  • Access to one partner’s life insurance and government benefits

Partners who love each other can greatly benefit from engaging in a process that allows them to work through these issues before having to confront them in times of stress during the marriage. It is an intelligent way to plan for and protect your future both individually and together as a couple. Our experienced attorneys have worked with numerous couples throughout Texas to create mutually satisfactory prenuptial agreements. 

If you want to explore your options to protect your assets or clarify any of these issues, the team at Hargrave Family Law can discuss your specific concerns and options to protect your rights. If your partner’s lawyer has drafted a prenuptial agreement, we are available to review it and ensure that you make an informed decision about entering into the agreement, and advising you about potential adjustments to the agreement to consider.

Taking the important first step toward financial security and open financial communication within your relationship can be daunting. Reach out to us at Hargrave Family Law to help you explore your options for a prenuptial agreement.