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What makes a “successful” marriage?

I love weddings. I love anticipating the special event, watching the family and friends gather, waiting in anticipation for the bride to process down the aisle, and seeing the glimmer of admiration as the couple first sees each other from across the aisle. There is hope that love will win, that these two people will find…

Collaborative Premarital Agreements

If you or someone you know is getting married, talking about marital property laws is probably not high on the list of wedding planning, but it probably should be. Aimee Key went on The Jennifer Hargrave Show to talk all things Assets, Marital Agreements, and Divorce. Aimee is a partner with a statewide law firm of Goranson, Baine, Ausley. She is well respected by her peers often receiving recognitions from Texas Super Lawyers, THE magazine, and The Best Lawyers.

Dealing with the Brokenness of Life (Amazing Life Lessons)

For the past 16 years, I have professionally lived my life in a world where day in and day out, I am sitting with people who are experiencing the brokenness in life. It can be brokenness from a broken promise, brokenness from a broken relationship, a broken heart. Sometimes it’s broken family relationships, maybe with children or grandchildren. In all of this brokenness, there are some amazing life lessons that I’ve learned.