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Divorce & Family Law Video Library

We understand that family law issues can be confusing, challenging and overwhelming, and we hope our video library will be a helpful resource as you start exploring your options. Check back each month for new answers to our clients’ most frequently asked questions. For personalized assistance with your legal needs, reach out to the team at Hargrave Family Law to find out how we can help.



Scott’s Story

Kim’s Story

Erin’s Story


The Jennifer Hargrave Show

Episode 45: A Personal Story of the Divorce Process

Episode 44: Demystifying Temporary Orders

Episode 43: How Real Estate Gets Divided in a Divorce

Episode 33: Estate Planning Issues - with Kelly Caperton Walling

Episode 32: Special Education and the Law - with Sharon Ramage

Episode 31: Tonia Tomlin Has Enhanced Thousands of Lives Across the Country

Episode 30: The State of Real Estate - with Heather Guild

Episode 29: High Conflict Personalities - with Bill Eddy



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Webinar Series

Staying Calm in the Storm with Kim Griffith | Family Law

What You Need to Know About Investing During Co-vid 19 with Ryan McLemore

Make Distance Education Work For Your Child with Matthew Housson


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