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Child Custody Solutions That Meet Your Family’s Needs

For many families, finding a child custody arrangement that works is the most challenging part of divorce. Child custody means different things to different people.  Generally, most people tend to think of child custody as referring to the time that each parent will spend with their child. However, there are other important decisions that need to be made regarding the children, including rights and duties (known as conservatorship) and child support.  Issues regarding conservatorship, possession schedules, and child support are combined into the overall parenting plan.

You may have had a child care routine that fit your family, and changing it to now accommodate your family’s new normal while protecting your child’s best interests requires hard work, compromise and patience. Both parents may want to protect their child’s best interests, but they also may want to spend as much time with their children as possible. Or one parent’s work schedule (such as an on-call doctor or nurse, pilot or flight attendant, fireman or police officer) may necessitate a more creative solution than the standard possession schedule. At Hargrave Family Law, we understand these needs and desires, and will work with you to create a parenting plan that suits your family’s schedule, obligations, and your child’s best interests.

We believe that custody disputes are best solved amicably if at all possible. When both parents are committed to co-parenting in a respectful manner, children have less exposure to stress, conflict, and the potential negative impacts of divorce. Our team will work tirelessly for you and your family with this goal in mind, using collaborative and cooperative approaches to minimize conflict during negotiations. We can also help you craft creative solutions that allow you and your co-parent to resolve issues yourselves rather than let a Court decide. If we’re unable to reach an agreement with your co-parent and your case goes to Court, we’re ready to defend your rights and advocate for a custody agreement that protects your time with your child.

Hargrave Family Law is here to help with your child custody disputes and other family law needs. Whether you need a standard visitation schedule approved by the court or a creative solution that works for you and your co-parent’s unique situations, reach out to us today to get started letting us help you find a solution for your family.