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Parenting Teenagers in the Modern World

Dr. Dean Beckloff, founder of Beckloff Behavioral Health Center, talks to divorce attorney, Jennifer Hargrave, about parenting teenagers.

Mental Health Professionals in a Collaborative Divorce

What's the role of a mental health professional in collaborative divorce? Attorney Jennifer Hargrave and mental health professional, Dr. Honey Sheff break it down.

Three Self Care Tips for Parents and Children in Difficult Times

These are stressful and confusing times for parents and children alike. While the beginning of a new school year is...

Divorce is an emotional event that often brings about a myriad of emotions including sadness, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, frustration, and anxiety in both adults and kids. Unfortunately, the emotional upheaval can make it more challenging to effectively cope with the divorce process. Scroll down to find posts in the related topics: