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A Collaborative divorce avoids the costs and conflict of divorce litigation by providing a conflict resolution process that saves the couple from the courtroom and allows them to resolve the issues peacefully.
When a couple decides to pursue collaborative divorce by means of the collaborative law process, they must firstly hire an attorney trained in the collaborative law process. Hargrave Family law’s founding attorney, Jennifer Hargrave, can help the couple settle the case and conclude a legal separation quickly.

Jennifer Hargrave has extensive years of experience in the collaborative law process and also has a depth of knowledge to guide the couples in making the right decisions about their family. Additionally, Hargrave family law has the access to a vast array of financial advisors, divorce coaches, and child specialists to assist the clients with the divorce proceedings.

How Collaborative Divorce works?

When a couple opts for collaborative divorce then both parties must mutually co-operate on specific terms. For instance, the couple must be willing to work together to make crucial decisions that may pertain to child custody, alimony, and dividing assets.

In the collaborative process, you and your spouse will negotiate with the help of the Hargrave Family law attorney in order to reach an agreement that is an acceptable compromise for both parties.

This means you and your spouse can consult with the attorney separately before moving to the court proceedings. Following this, the couple will have to meet together with the legal counsel in a series of structured negotiations. The aim here is to complete the divorce process efficiently and amicably without being biased or unfavorable to one party.

Have Hargrave Family law Attorney at your side

Whatever is the reason for your divorce, it can bring out the worst in sparring couples. However, if you want to maintain a respectful and civil relationship with your spouse, collaborative divorce is of course the best way than litigating in the courts.

Unlike a traditional divorce, collaborative divorce provides opportunities for divorcing couples to reach acceptable compromises with the support of our divorce professionals and without the adversity of the litigation process. Collaborative divorce Dallas allows you to work with a team of Hargrave Family law to generate mutual solutions, as opposed to fighting it out over numerous issues in front of the judge.

In most cases, courtroom discussions make the couple feel like losing up everything just to survive the high stakes environment. Collaborative divorce, on the other hand, recognizes that even though this is the end of the relationship between the two parties, at the same time, it will be a new beginning in each of their lives.

During the entire course of the procedures, both parties are encouraged to maintain the level of respect for each other that is extremely valuable to move forward with the lives after divorce.

Hargrave Family law helps clients not only with the extensive experience in collaborative practice but also with the sensitivity, attention, and understanding that both the couple and their families require.

Once the couple comes to an agreement, both will eventually have to go before a family court judge to sign the final agreement. By using the collaborative divorce Dallas, the experience can brief and easily manageable.

The experienced attorney in the collaborative law process can help couples save money in legal fees and the emotional trauma of a long and drawn-out court battle. Hargrave Family law acts as a mediator to resolve disputes on child custody, the division of property, or the arrangement of spousal support. The ultimate goal of the collaborative divorce is to come to a fair and equitable compromise about all these pertinent issues. It is fine if you do not agree with your spouse on some particular issues, you can still proceed with a collaborative divorce.

Hiring a competent and experienced collaborative divorce lawyer Texas is the best choice in a situation where the couple is willing to work together for their benefit.

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