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Divorce Rate by Profession

Jennifer Hargrave, of Hargrave Family Law, was recently a guest on the Jim Bohannon Show. She was asked to comment on a couple of lists that compared the divorce rate of various occupations, and whether the pandemic had increased the divorce rate.

Listen to the show:

According to the lists, doctors, life scientists and physical therapists had the lowest divorce rate while avionics technicians and conveyor dredge, hoist, and winch operators had the highest.

Jim asked Jennifer what she thought about the lists. As a divorce attorney, Jennifer has had many doctors and lawyers as clients, so of course, the first list showing these as occupations with the lowest divorce rate didn’t quite ring true. However, Jennifer pointed out, that most marriages come to an end because of the stress of one kind or another. Those in the highest-paid occupations are quite likely to suffer from less financial stress. 

Jim also asked Jennifer whether she felt the pandemic had had an effect on divorce rates. As the law firm has had a record year, it’s clear that the Covid-19 has indeed caused an uptick in divorce rates. It stripped away all the distractions of everyday life and left couples facing the difficult question of whether this was really where they wanted to be in their lives.