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What Our Team and the Texas Rangers have in common

What do the Texas Rangers and Hargrave Family Law have in common? Like the 2023 World Series Champions, the Hargrave Family Law professionals are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients with precision and skill! That’s why we couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate our successes from 2023, and prepare for the challenges ahead in 2024, than gathering our team together at the Globe Life field in Arlington, TX.

And, like the Texas Rangers who won their FIRST WORLD SERIES, we were the FIRST GROUP EVER to play kickball on this world class baseball field. Now that’s the way to kick off a great year!

From our attorneys who are like star pitchers, confidently taking the mound to represent our clients’ interests, to our paralegals who are our versatile infielders ensuring all bases are covered, to all of our other team members who cover the outfield, recruit and coach our team. Every member of our team plays a crucial role in supporting our clients. Like a professional baseball team, the Hargrave Family Law team understands the importance of preparation, dedication, focus, and teamwork in achieving success for our clients.

So we analyzed our stats from last year and celebrated our clients’ victories, and developed our game plan for the year ahead to ensure that winning trend. Our Championship Mindset begins with an unwavering commitment to our mission of helping families navigate divorce with peace and confidence. That requires resilience to stay focused on the end goal, the ability to adapt when necessary, and actively supporting our clients through their transitions. Teamwork and collaboration are critical components of our culture, and we’re proud of how our culture benefits our clients by bringing together the best problem solvers.

The championship mindset is about having a relentless drive for excellence, an unshakeable belief in one’s abilities, and the resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks on the path to achieving success. That’s our team in a (pea)nutshell! 2023 brought a lot of reasons to celebrate, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2024. So let’s PLAY BALL! BATTER UP!