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Honey, I Want a Divorce

If you have decided that you want a divorce, one of the first challenges you face is telling your spouse. Here are three tips on how to break the news to your spouse that you want to divorce.

Avoid Anger
Telling your spouse that you want a divorce in the middle of an argument is only going to increase the hostility during this time. Instead, you need to find a time when things are calm and you can have a level-headed conversation with your spouse. 

Avoid Accusations

Blaming and shaming your spouse for the failure of your marriage is only going to add fuel to the fire. This is a good time to look into minimizing conflict.

Avoid Avoidance

This is a difficult conversation to have, but putting your head in the sand and doing nothing is only going to make it more difficult. Instead, you need to start taking action so you can get to the results that you want. 

At Hargrave Family Law, we know that having the “I want a divorce” conversation with your spouse takes a tremendous amount of courage. It’s not easy to make an important change in your life. However, we also believe that how you have this conversation with your spouse is going to impact your divorce process. And frankly, will have an impact on your post-divorce life for years to come. Give us a call today so we can help you with these first steps.

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