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Indeed, premarital agreements have many legal and practical benefits, including, building a solid foundation for your marriage, avoiding potential conflicts, and even simplifying the divorce process. Many couples consider such a process unromantic, however, a premarital agreement helps assuages any concerns related to marriage.

What exactly is a premarital agreement? 

This kind of agreement provides clarity among couples in regards to their finances and children in the relationship. It basically covers each partner for their assets, in case the relationship ends in divorce, a prenup makes each partner get exactly what they brought to the marriage.

Premarital agreement Dallas does not necessarily highlight the possible consequences of marriage; it may just be a sign that couples are not naïve about the truths and facts about marriage.

Who needs to sign premarital agreements?

  • Anyone about to enter married life and is concerned about the inadequacies of the laws.
  • Anyone who is remarrying
  • Anyone with financially dependent parents
  • Those who are concerned about protecting the assets of children from a prior marriage.
  • Anyone who prefers having a written record of the ownership of assets in order to avoid confusion from creditors or other family members.

 A premarital agreement is meant to protect both spouses

The agreements which are unfair and completely one-sided are not enforceable in court. By definition, the premarital agreement Dallas must be written fairly. The basic requirements for these agreements to be enforceable are:

  • Signing the agreement must be voluntary
  • Must not unfair when it’s signed
  • Full disclosure of assets and debts by each party

Anyone getting married expects and hopes that it will be a lifetime commitment to be there for each other in every way. This way premarital agreement supports and reflects the spirit of partnership with which you approach your wedding vows.

 A Premarital agreements is not romantic, its practical

While a premarital agreement does not seem like a romantic project, however, couples working together and choosing the terms of a prenup can actually strengthen your relationship. In many cases, signing such an agreement makes the couple deal respectfully and constructively with each other which is a benefit in itself.

Though not romantic but premarital agreements are a realistic part of marriage. Creating such an agreement makes couples look at potential problematic areas beforehand and come up with solutions that work for the couple. Also, these agreements ensure the financial security of the couple, who is about to get married, and more importantly, help protect the ones from legal complexities.

A Premarital agreement can be created so that everyone’s needs are met

With signing a premarital agreement, the couple and their family members will know in advance how their assets and debts would be handled in the event the couple seeks divorce. This way you would not have to depend on your spouse for property settlement at the time of divorce.

The couple can include as many wishes or as few wishes they want. Because premarital agreements are private contracts, and anytime you can make them as detailed as you want.

Even if you want your agreement to cover almost every issue that might come up in a divorce except a few issues like spousal support, or pension contributions, then you can have the agreement covered everything except the issues you want to exclude.

If you have decided to have a prenup, it is vital that both parties must engage the services of an attorney to inspect it before signing. At Hargrave Family Law, we can help you draft a premarital agreement Dallas with expert legal advice on your relationship.

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