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We’re honored that our clients appreciate the dedication and empathy we bring to each and every case. Take a look at the testimonials below to find out how we’ve helped previous clients move forward into the next chapter of their lives. When you’re ready to discuss your family law needs, reach out to Hargrave Family Law and discover how we can help you.

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Jennifer was a beacon of hope for my family member at a time when her options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor not just to my relative, but to her wider family circle. And though it may seem trivial, she has such a great sense of humor. Sometimes you need that to get through a difficult situation. I will always feel grateful for the way she so professionally managed to obtain the end result we were all hoping for. I can truly recommend her without hesitation. And if you have a loved one needing counsel, realize there is hope. Contact Jennifer Hargrave. She will fight for you to the end.

Angela M.

Jennifer is a dedicated, knowledgeable professional with a practical yet creative approach to family law negotiations. She makes progress in challenging situations while protecting and caring for her clients.

Blayn S.

I was fortunate to have Jennifer Hargrave and Hargrave Family Law represent me in my child custody case. Jennifer and Desiree helped me determine what was in the best interest for my sons and consistently steered me in the right direction for the best possible outcome.

Their knowledge, expertise in family law and overall confidence and attitude towards my situation made it apparent that we were well prepared for every issue or event that arose. Jennifer and her team helped me stick to our plan, which in return allowed us to obtain a better custody arrangement than what I originally expected.

I’m very impressed with our final outcome. I’ll always refer the Hargrave Family Law team to anyone who is looking for an educated, straightforward and honest family law group. Jennifer, I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this challenging situation.

You are a Champion !!

Scott S.

Jennifer and her associates at Hargrave Family Law have been incredibly professional, prompt in their communication and compassionate throughout my lengthy divorce proceedings and later when further actions needed to be executed in my case. I especially appreciated how Jennifer made recommendations for mediation as this saved me time and resources in the end. Jennifer walked me through each step of the custody and child support proceeding and I always felt well informed of my options. I would highly recommend Jennifer with any of your family law needs.

Traci S.

Jennifer and Skye really fought for me!!! They were kind, wise, and ethical. They know how to deal with underhanded people. And we won!!! Strongly recommend!

Lydia E.

It is really scary to have to find a lawyer, Jennifer takes away that fear.

Josh N.

Jennifer has the distinct ability to make the volatile situation calm. I sought Jennifer’s subject matter expertise for a collaborative divorce consultation with children. During the entire process, she was an advocate for setting the foundation for a transition to co-parenting on the other side of the final divorce decree. Seven years later I still reflect on her most important advice – you can control only you and you can stand by your children, knowing you are their example. Thank you, Jennifer, for your guidance and your support.

David L.

Jennifer Hargrave is an exceptional attorney and advocate. She is technically top-notch, but even more importantly for an attorney practicing family law, she genuinely cares about her clients and their families. She is tough when needed, but does so with grace. She is respected by both opposing counsel and the judiciary.

Tiffany F.

Jennifer Hargrave is a straight-forward, intelligent, honest and knowledgeable attorney who is skilled in balancing the legal necessities with the delicate aspects of a complicated family situation. Jennifer’s expertise and understanding of law drove to a close what was a stalled-out and challenging case. She managed to accomplish this in the best manner possible and with excellent results for my family; having avoided court while obtaining a positive outcome for me and my children. I trust her completely, have the utmost confidence in her abilities and would recommend her for any and all cases, simple to complex.


In my divorce, I needed trust and consistency. Jennifer Hargrave not only provided me with everything she set out to accomplish, she became a true advocate and lead me through the ever-changing landscape of a divorce with confidence, poise, integrity and kindness. Jennifer Hargrave was the absolute best decision I made when selecting my legal team!

John R.
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