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What is a case evaluation?

We recognize that contacting a law firm about a divorce is not an easy thing to do. We also understand that you may want to discuss your situation before immediately investing in hiring an attorney. One of the unique ways we help potential clients at Hargrave Family Law is to offer a complimentary case evaluation with a member of our team, a no-fee first step in your divorce journey. You will speak with our Intake Specialist, who is not an attorney but who can help you not only become more informed about our firm, our mission and our services, as well as help you gain clarity about your situation and goals. You’re under no obligation to engage our services, our goal is simply to help you understand your options.

Many law firms dive right into asking you to pay for time with a lawyer to get started sharing information about your situation. We’ve found it’s a much better use of our clients’ time and resources to offer them the opportunity to visit with a member of our team with no fee attached, allowing them to get to know a bit about our firm and the services we provide. Often, that session is enough to know that our firm is the right fit for them.

What you can expect:

During your case evaluation, you will be meeting with a member of our team who is not a lawyer. We’ve found that many people actually breathe a sigh of relief when they learn that. Our Intake Specialist’s sole job is to spend some time with you and learn about you and your situation and help you become informed about your options.

Some questions you should consider as you prepare for your meeting include:

  • What brought you to this decision point? What made you reach out at this point in time?
  • What is it about your relationship that isn’t working? How is it impacting your life, family, finances, and well-being?
  • What is most important to you?
  • How do you want your future to be different than it is right now?
  • Think about what your life could look like if you had a magic wand that could make anything happen – what would that look like? What would need to change to make that happen?

Do we have a magic wand? We do not, but hearing about your hopes and dreams helps us get to know you better and understand what is most important to you and your future. Thinking about your future that way can give you a much better idea of where you are today and, more importantly, where you want to be.

At the conclusion of your case evaluation session, if you’re ready to begin, that’s great, we’re ready to dive right in and get started advocating for you. If you still have legal questions, which only an attorney can answer, then we can schedule a time for you to meet with an attorney on our legal team. There will be a fee for the hour of attorney consultation, and you will have the opportunity to receive answers to legal questions you may have. You might also find some answers in our Divorce in Texas FAQ – as well as find a form to submit your own question there.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you focus on the future you want to have for you and your family. If you have any questions before your case evaluation, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to walk alongside you each step of the way.

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