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What is a quiet divorce?

Jennifer Hargrave recently had a conversation with James Parker of WBAP about the quiet divorce trend. Check out the full conversation above.

Jennifer Hargrave discuses Financial Infidelity on 1040 WHO Des Moines

What happens when someone frugal marries a big spender? How would you talk to your significant other about their spending habits? Theres a lot of different triggers that can lead to a break down in communication and money is often one of those. Check out the recent conversation Jennifer Hargrave had regarding loved one’s keeping…

Would you celebrate your divorce? – Jennifer Hargrave talks to Gordon Deal

For some folks divorce is a major life milestone, potentially like a birthday or graduation. So, does this call for a celebration? Divorce parties are not new but they might not have been something you had considered. Jennifer Hargrave recently sat down with Gordon Deal to discuss how some folks are moving forward after a…

Jennifer Hargrave talks with Gordon Deal about asset division

After a turbulent 2022 and the new 2023 divorce season in swing, many couples are dealing with how best to separate their assets while they look to move on from their marriage. Jennifer Hargrave talked to Gordon Deal about what she’s been seeing with her firm’s clients.