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Out-of-State Visitation Rights

In our world of increasing mobility and economic volatility, it is not surprising that more and more families are moving across state lines. If you have an Order (e.g., a Divorce Decree, Custody Order, etc.), then you will need to review your Order carefully to understand your rights. For parents who have the exclusive right to determine the primary residence of the children, it is very likely that there is a geographic restriction on where you can live with your children.

Texas Child Custody Evaluations

Not every case involving children requires a child custody evaluation, as most parents are able to agree between themselves what is best for their children. But there are situations where having the opinion of a neutral expert trained and qualified to conduct child custody evaluations can be incredibly helpful, as the evaluator has the opportunity to do a deep dive into the child’s relationship with the caregivers, the home environment, the child’s preferences, special needs of the child, mental health of the parties and/or child, and the ability of the parents to provide for this specific child’s needs.

Navigating Primary Custody in Texas

Confronting the complexities of child custody can seem daunting and emotionally taxing, particularly when your primary concern is the welfare of your child. If you’re a parent in Texas, you may be wrestling with important decisions about securing primary custody, which directly affects where your child lives and the quality of your parent-child relationship. We…