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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Divorce

The legal landscape is changing. At Hargrave Family Law, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help families achieve the best outcomes in divorce. To the extent that Artificial Intelligence can be a resource in achieving the best outcomes for our clients, we are open to exploring all opportunities!

I am getting ready to…

“I am getting ready to…” is a phrase I often hear in my own head. Maybe I’m thinking about that diet I was supposed to start in January, or the difficult conversation I need to have with a colleague. These five words give me permission to AVOID the hard thing I don’t want to do. I find it easy to hide out in the busyness of “getting ready.” Does this sound familiar to you?

We often hear a lot of talk a lot about “getting ready” for a divorce. The truth is…

Jennifer Hargrave talks with Gordon Deal about asset division

After a turbulent 2022 and the new 2023 divorce season in swing, many couples are dealing with how best to separate their assets while they look to move on from their marriage. Jennifer Hargrave talked to Gordon Deal about what she’s been seeing with her firm’s clients.

2023 Texas Standard Possession Calendar

We understand the challenges that come with co-parenting after a separation or divorce. One of the most significant issues that separated or divorced parents face is determining when their child or children will be with which parent. This is where our website’s 2023 possession calendar comes in handy.