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Collaborative Divorce w/ Attorney Chris Farish

Chris Farish is a past president of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, which is an international organization charged with helping families, find a more constructive way to resolve disputes. He also is active in the collaborative movement here in Texas. He is the vice president of the family law section for the collaborative law…

10 Essential Questions about Child Support

Child support is a hot topic. Whether you are paying child support, or you are receiving support, you are probably dissatisfied with the amount you are paying or receiving. It’s an equally miserable reality for either side.   I was once in mediation, and we were arguing over how much child support my client should pay….

What is BIFF? How does it help with high-conflict situations?

Family Law Attorney Jennifer Hargrave was recently featured in the Dallas Bar Headnotes. Headnotes is the Dallas Bar Association’s official monthly publication. Jennifer wrote about effective communication when dealing with high-conflict situations. Brief, Informative, Friendly, and Firm – BIFF Being able to communicate thoughts, emotions, and legal statues is what sets attorneys apart in the legal…

Myths Around ‘Collaborative Divorce’ w/ Camille Milner

One of the great things about being a collaborative divorce attorney is getting to work with other fabulous divorce attorneys who are also committed to helping families find resolution in non-traditional, non-litigation ways. It is such a privilege to welcome Camille Milner. Camille is the owner of Camille Milner Law Firm which is located in Denton, and she practices in the Denton and surrounding counties. Camille was on the The Jennifer Hargrave Show to discuss Collaborative Divorce.