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2023 Texas Standard Possession Calendar

We understand the challenges that come with co-parenting after a separation or divorce. One of the most significant issues that separated or divorced parents face is determining when their child or children will be with which parent. This is where our website’s 2023 possession calendar comes in handy.

Co-parenting in High Conflict Cases With Carrie Beaird

Conflict between parents can be devastating for children. While separating may relieve some of the things that people are arguing over, it’s not uncommon for parents who are newly separated or divorced to find a whole new host of issues and challenges when it comes to navigating the co-parenting relationship. Carrie Beard is the founder…

Three Tips for Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

The love between a parent and child is one of the strongest things in the world. No matter the status of your relationship with their other parent, your kids are your biggest priority. In the absence of addiction or abuse, children thrive best when they are able to have strong relationships with both parents. That’s…