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Newly single parents have a lot on their plate!

Assuming a new role is never easy, whether it’s at work or at home. Transitioning into life as a single parent can be particularly difficult, because it’s usually paired with other big and emotional changes in your life. In today’s blog post, we are sharing our tips on how to juggle your commitments as a newly single parent. 

Take time for yourself.

Giving yourself a spare moment to relax may seem impossible or too indulgent when you’re overwhelmingly busy, but, in truth, it is extremely necessary and should be made a priority. You can get creative with how you fit this into your schedule. Maybe you’ll block off thirty minutes to watch an episode of your favorite show after you put the kids to bed. Perhaps you’ll wake up a bit early, so you can linger over a cup of coffee before you start your day or even get a quick workout in. No matter when or how, make sure you make it happen. You must give yourself the time and space to heal otherwise, you can get burned out, and that’s not good for you or your children!

Turn to your support system.

Remember, “single” doesn’t mean “alone.” Maybe your family is your support system. Maybe you have close friends you can turn to. Or you may have a network of other parents you can reach out to. There might be a church or support group in your area who can provide help. Whether it’s advice and camaraderie or providing help in a more active way, relying on those you love and trust can help offset the sense of overwhelm you may be feeling. The primary thing to remember is to ask for help.

Stay organized.

Planners, calendars, and even organization-related apps are great tools for managing your time and staying on top of your responsibilities. Becoming a single parent and juggling tasks, deadlines and events without always having back-up can be quite overwhelming. Finding tools to help you stay organized makes it easier because you always have a realistic sense of what exactly is on your plate at any given moment, and what’s coming up soon. Then you’ll feel less frenetic and a bit more in control.

Have a strong parenting plan in place.

During the divorce process, a parenting plan was created for you and your ex, delineating each of your responsibilities in regard to your children. If you and your former partner have an amenable co-parenting relationship, you may be able to swap time if necessary, such as if a business trip comes up; if you do swap, it is always advisable to document the details in an email to assure everyone’s on the same page about the change. If your coparenting relationship is still trying to find its footing, then make sure you respect the plan as ordered, even when it doesn’t seem convenient. It can help you balance your time, provide stability for your children, and allows your children to maintain consistent relationships with both parents, all while not rocking the boat with your ex. 

If you have questions about parenting plans or how to cope with life as a newly single parent, Hargrave Family Law is here to help. We encourage you to contact us today to talk about your situation and resources we have to help you navigate your new normal.