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What happens to your retirement accounts after a divorce?

Divorce and Retirement Accounts Divorce carries the potential for profound life-altering effects, especially concerning finances and retirement preparations. Saving diligently and aiming for a secure future becomes a priority as you envision a comfortable life ahead. However, life’s twists and turns can be unpredictable, and the person you once imagined spending your golden years with…

Divorce and Finances – What to know in 2023

The Big Questions about Money and Divorce Even in the most favorable circumstances, certain aspects of your divorce process are likely to be challenging; you are coping with a transition at the same time you are experiencing a legal ordeal. For better or worse, divorce is as much a disentanglement of an emotional relationship as…

How To Protect Your Wealth – with Mark Spalding, Financial Advisor

Mark Spalding specializes in helping people during periods of financial transition, whether that’s a sudden death of a loved one, a sale of a business, or even a divorce. Mark is a financial advisor and a former lawyer, and he uses his experience to help people clarify their values, their needs, and their goals so they can plan for a better tomorrow. Mark joined Jennifer Hargrave to talk about times of financial transition.