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The Importance of Building Your Divorce Team

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Here in the greater Dallas area, we are lucky to have plenty of professional sports teams to root for.  Whether you enjoy basketball, football, baseball, or hockey, Dallas has a team for you. Even if you aren’t an avid fan, it’s almost impossible to live in Dallas and not cheer on these teams from time to time.

Sports are big business in Texas, but they are also a prevalent reminder of the importance of a diverse team united in a common goal. At Hargrave Family Law, we approach your individual needs with a fierce determination and dedication to your success, and like the coaches for the Mavs, the Cowboys, the Stars, and the Rangers, we are big proponents of assembling a diverse and talented roster of qualified professionals to help you get across the finish line.

The Importance of Not Going It Alone

Family legal issues and divorce proceedings are, by nature, very private, and oftentimes can leave you feeling isolated.  You do not get any badges of honor for trudging through a divorce proceeding by yourself.  Isolating yourself is not in the best interest of your long term well being and deprives you of a support system you will continue to need in your new life.

As soon as you partner with us in your legal journey, you can be assured that you are not alone. Our goal is to help guide you to the next chapter of your life. And while we do provide you with legal expertise, we also think of ourselves as a coach who can draft in various role players to help you overcome challenges that may stem from this big transition in your life.

Who You Need On Your Team

So, who exactly do you need on your team?  That depends on your individual circumstances and needs.  But our network of trusted professionals is vast, and we have partnered with various experts that allow us to help you assemble a team that is just right for you, your family, and your unique circumstances.

Remember, Michael Jordan didn’t win all those championships by himself.  In fact, across his 6 championship seasons, he had 45 different teammates!  He needed the assistance of different teammates at different times to confront the unique challenges that each season brought.

Home Services

One of categories of professionals most often needed has to do with one of the largest assets that is usually part of a divorce proceeding, and that’s your home. Regardless of what is ultimately decided about your home, chances are you and your spouse will need to agree on certain measures to take regarding the house itself.  

The types of professionals you may need to engage with in this area range from realtors to roofers, stagers to landscapers, and everything in between.

While you are in the midst of a divorce proceeding, rather than having to spend your energy hunting down a good moving service, we can refer you to professionals that we know and trust and have worked with before.

Financial Services

Money, finances, and estate planning are central to most divorce proceedings and can also lead to some deeply felt emotions, uncertainty and fear.  

In the midst of a divorce proceeding, you may have a thousand things demanding your attention and focus; determining the best decisions for your future estate might seem like a huge challenge. We have trusted financial advisors, estate planners, and tax advisors that we can bring into your circle to help you make these decisions.

Family Well-Being and Mental Health Services

While the practicalities of dividing up your home, finances, and tangible assets may seem like they are front and center in a divorce proceeding, we always encourage our clients to also think about their own well-being and the well-being of their family throughout the process.

The divorce process is a big a transition.  Many of our clients find it helpful to engage therapists and/or life coaches to help them through this period of tremendous change.

We have developed close relationships with a variety of licensed therapists, life coaches, children’s therapists, educational evaluators, and parenting facilitators/coordinators who can help you make the best decisions for you and your family’s well-being, both now and moving forward.

Start Assembling Your Team

If you have been on the fence about starting a legal proceeding because it just seemed too overwhelming for you to go through by yourself, we hope we have helped you understand that you don’t have to walk through it alone.  It’s a team effort, and one that we can help coach you through.

Every client has unique needs, and if you are ready to take the next step towards assembling a team to help you value yourself and your future, we are here to help.