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Adele’s Divorce Album Resonates with Many

Dallas divorce attorney, Jennifer Hargrave was interviewed by Jenny Anchondo on Dallas CW33’s ‘Morning After’. The topic under discussion was how one can have a positive divorce. The interview kicked off with a musical snippet from Adele’s latest hit, Easy On Me.   

“It’s common knowledge that the song is from Adele’s ‘divorce album’” Jenny commented on how it resonates with so many people. 

Jennifer added that Adele has such a talent for sharing raw emotions. Adele, having gone through her own divorce, really put words to the vulnerability that people feel. It’s a powerful, moving song that sheds light on so many aspects of the divorce decision.

Both Jenny and Jennifer have gone through their own divorces and they agree that Adele’s song put words to all the feelings that boil up during the process. 

There are so many emotions to deal with, and one of the things Jennifer finds with her clients is that divorce is such a weighty decision. Sometimes, she said,  people believe that ending a marriage is the easy way out but that certainly isn’t always the case. Adele’s song helps illustrate how many things there are to consider. The impact on our children. The impact on your partner who you may still love, but not want to be married to. She is singing about the emotions, feelings, and vulnerability that we have all felt in the divorce process.  

Jenny wondered if Jennifer ever felt that her clients maybe were not ready to divorce. 

When that happens, Jennifer says, she looks for resources to help them deal with their decision. Divorce doesn’t necessarily solve your problems. Sometimes it just changes them. It can create a new set of issues so you really need to be clear that that’s the path that you want to go down. 

North Texas offers some helpful resources. Discernment counseling is something that Jennifer refers a lot of her clients to if they’re not sure that divorce is the answer for them. For some families, that brings relief. Even if they go ahead with the divorce, they can actually have a better relationship, post-divorce than they did during the marriage. Others may decide to work on the marriage, and if that is something that they both decided they want to do, that’s great!

Jenny mentioned that she had known couples that had gotten divorced and then got back together and stayed together for a long time. She asked Jennifer if that ever see made her think, “Oh my gosh, I did all this work for you, and you got divorced, and now you’re back together!”

Jennifer agreed that she has had a couple of cases like that. “It’s an interesting and joyful thing,” she says, “If the couple has worked on and resolved their issues. If they are just getting back together to avoid situations, that’s probably not the healthiest thing. However, if in their time apart, they’ve gotten some clarity and worked on themselves and really improved, before they come back together to build a solid relationship, that’s great. Who doesn’t love reconciliation stories!”

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