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Adele’s Divorce Album Resonates with Many

Dallas divorce attorney, Jennifer Hargrave was interviewed by Jenny Anchondo on Dallas CW33’s ‘Morning After’. The topic under discussion was how one can have a positive divorce. The interview kicked off with a musical snippet from Adele’s latest hit, Easy On Me.    “It’s common knowledge that the song is from Adele’s ‘divorce album’” Jenny commented…

Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce?

Jenifer Hargrave of Hargrave Family Law was a guest on CW33’s Morning After, hosted by Jenny Anchondo. The topic under discussion was pets and divorce. Watch the interview or jump to the highlights below: Is it common for pets to be discussed during a divorce? Pets can add complexity to divorce negotiations Do people ever…

Divorce Rate by Profession

On his radio show, Jim Bohannon asked divorce attorney, Jennifer Hargrave what she thought about recent statistics of divorce rate by profession.