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Healthy New Parent Sleep Routines – w/ Sleep Expert Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant is a sleep consultant, she is the owner of Sleep Happy Consulting. And it is her mission to help parents of newborns, create healthy, sleep routines so that they can all be confident and relaxed. Jessica knows about what she’s talking about because she is actually the parent of three children who are teenagers now, two of whom are twins. And so she encountered challenges early on with her own children and now is committed to helping other families.

How To Divorce A High Conflict Person Without High Conflict

It is very difficult to be married to somebody who has a high conflict personality. As a divorce attorney, Abby Ewing knows how destructive high conflict personalities can be on family relationships. She is experienced in dealing with high conflict personalities in divorce.

Helping Families in Transition w/Graciela Olvera

For the past ten and a half years, Graciela Olvera has served the citizens of Dallas County as an associate judge in the family courts. Today, she’s here to talk with us about her passion for helping families in transition. Welcome to the show! Graciela Olvera: Well, thank you for having me here. Jennifer: I…

The Role Of Triggers In Relationships

Navigating Conflict and Triggers In one of our first podcast episodes, Jennifer Hargrave engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Kim Griffith. Kim is an executive coach and life coach. They sat down and discussed the complexities of conflict management and the profound impact that triggers have in relationships. Understanding Conflict at its Core Jennifer Hargrave:…