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Divorce after the holidays

Divorce is never an easy decision, and it can be even harder when it’s made after the holidays. The holiday season is usually a time when families come together, and facing the break up of a family unit can be overwhelming. For some couples, the holidays may be the final straw in an unhappy marriage. Being away from work and daily routines can provide couples with the time and space they need to evaluate their relationship. Many considering divorce use the holiday season as a sort of ‘final goodbye’ to a relationship they know is coming to an end.

One of the main reasons why couples may choose to divorce is that they feel as if they have exhausted all other options. During the holiday season, couples may feel pressure to put on a facade of happiness for the sake of their children and loved ones. However, once the holiday season is over and the pressure subsides, they realize that the time has come, and they can no longer continue in their broken marriage. Our founding attorney Jennifer Hargrave was recently on The Morning Show with Gordon Beal to discuss divorce and the holidays

Coming out of the holiday season and preparing for divorce is something we frequently consult with clients about during the new year. Some people just can’t summon the energy to continue a facade of normalcy that a new year brings, while others come out of the holiday season knowing they proactively want to engage with an attorney to begin to create a new and better path forward for themselves. Here are some some tried and tested tips as to how you can move forward with divorce after the holidays.


Some Divorce Planning Tips to Consider

Our website has resources for folks going through a variety of family law issues. We believe that a collaborative approach to divorce can lead to more beneficial outcomes. However you approach your impending divorce, try these steps:

  1. Organize your financial information. Use the new year as a time to organize all your records. Gather and preserve bank statements, credit card statements, past tax returns, and other financial information that will be helpful in the divorce process and beyond. This will help you understand your current financial situation as well as develop a plan for your financial stability during and after a divorce. Watch our interview with Joelle Hinds, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.
  2. Find someone to talk to. If you’re contemplating divorce, your life likely involves unresolved conflict, increased stress, and uncertainty. Finding a trusted person, loved one, counselor or therapist can help you gain support as you grapple with your unhappiness, the state of your marriage, your expectations, and what you truly want for your future. Read our blog about helping a friend through divorce.
  3. Focus on the good. Even if your home is full of conflict, you can still find moments of joy by focusing on traditions within your power to celebrate. This could be as simple as sharing a special holiday meal with a good friend. You can also look for opportunities to be of service to others and involve your children in those opportunities. This can help redirect your focus and invite the joy of the season into your home during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Talk with an experienced attorney. If you’re wondering whether divorce is right for you, educate yourself about the divorce process. Find an attorney you can trust to help you navigate through the process. We can help you gain clarity about your situation, focus on and identify your true goals, inform you about your options, and help you start to build a plan for your next chapter. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help.